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Mounting kit SB 152 heat resistant Mounting kit SB 202 heat resistant BRB 13x24 FZB. Washer. Bricka. 8. 0301 2358 00. 4. Nordlock M12. Washer. Bricka.

Nordlock Washer M16. 2. XSM16M. 1 Nut Self-Locking M8. 8 If you only order the mounting set, the axle, axle spacer and the circlip are not. Gransjö ligger vackert och enskilt ute på landet i Smålands nordöstra hörn.

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Artikelnummer info@nord-lock.com. Page 100. NL5ss-254. Washer.


Nord-Lock X-series washers work in distinctive ways to ensure a problem-free lifetime of your bolted joint — from design and installation to operation and maintenance. As a multifunctional solution, Nord-Lock X-series washers save you time and money in the design phase. With Nord-Lock X-series washers, your application is set up

Nord-Lock steel washer promises the highest corrosion resistance on the market. The washers have been tested with at least 1,000 hours in the Neutral Salt Spray Test*, ensuring optimum performance over time, even in the most extreme environments.

Nord-Lock Washer Ø 6-20 mm, Galv. in AssortmentShow alla 2 Artikel · Retaining Rings Internal / External Star Washer DIN 6798, GA, Ass.Show alla 2 Artikel.

Nord lock washer set

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Nord lock washer set

Washers are through hardened and treated with Delta Protekt® surface coating for improved corrosion resistance. Nord-Lock stainless-steel 254 SMO® wedge-locking washers Nord-Lock steel construction (SC) washers are wedge-locking washers specially designed for use on steel construction applications and to fit HV/HR sets bolts and nuts in accordance to the European standard EN 14399-3. /EN 14399-4 /EN 14399-8. In order to ensure an optimal contact surface between the bolt and the washer, each SC-washer pair has chamfers on the inner diameter. The Nord-Lock X-series washers combine Nord-Lock wedge-locking with an innovative spring effect, offering the highest security against spontaneous bolt loosening and slackening. This product is the optimum choice when you have both vibrations and applications with risk of slackening such as short clamp length, multiple clamped parts, gaskets Spare part for Caterpillar: New Aftermarket Nord Lock Washer Set (3E6502) New Aftermarket Cat bolts and matching hardened washers and nuts form a matched system which produces consistently high clamp loads.
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Nord lock washer set

Nord-Lock® has cams on one side with a greater rise than the pitch of the bolt. In addition, Nord-Lock® has radial teeth on the opposite side.

3. 5015016. SPACER.
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Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop NORD-LOCK 1090 WEDGE LOCK WASHER NL8spss STAINLESS STEEL 8mm id 16.3 od x 10prs.

New Aftermarket Cat bolts and matching hardened washers and nuts form a matched system which produces consistently high clamp Also known as NORD-LOCK® washers, these two-piece washers provide more locking power than split, tooth, and spring lock washers. Wedges on the inside lock the two pieces together, and serrations on the exterior grip surfaces to resist loosening from high vibration and shifting.