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Follow. Anonymous asked: Uno, Liang and Nico for the send me a character thing? You can only choose one of these if all of them are too many :)) HELLS YE. give me a character and i’ll answer. Uno. Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Liang/Rock (Nanbaka) Liang (Nanbaka) Rock (Nanbaka) Nico (Nanbaka) Upa (Nanbaka) Qi (Nanbaka) Sugoroku Hitoshi; I'll add people as I need to?

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Mature warning could apply on some oneshots, I'll give Nanbaka One Shots Liang x Reader. Chimera. I stepped out the helicopter, looking at the massive building in front of me, i was a little woodland creature compared to Read Samon x Liang : Surprise from the story Nanbaka Oneshots by Mary-Bay (Mary Bay) with 2,144 reads. honey, trois, enki. (This will contain mpreg.

The little I could see dimly reflected in my view became everything. Read more information about the character Liang from Nanbaka?

19 May 2017 Jyugo | Nanbaka. [Fanart] Nanbaka Uno. 0502 | Liang | Nanbaka. Nanba Kitties ~ . NANBAKA 1315. Nanbaka jyugo render. Nanbaka. Featured 

I felt it this time my arms and legs were bound and perhaps due to the drugs, I couldn’t move or speak. Nanbaka Liang x fem reader 22.7K Reads 447 Votes 24 Part Story. By Yaoi_Lord0909 Ongoing - Updated Jun 08, 2020 Embed Story Share via Email Liang/Rock (Nanbaka) Gojou Ruka/Gokuu Enki; Uno (Nanbaka) Nico (Nanbaka) Rock (Nanbaka) Jyuugo (Nanbaka) Liang (Nanbaka) Kokoriki Daisen; Tsukumo (Nanbaka) Tanabata Seitarou; Sugoroku Hajime; Gokuu Samon; Gojou Ruka; Gokuu Enki; Summary.

Rock placed the food to the side so he could pull Liang closer, tucking him under his arm so the smaller boy rested against his broad chest. "Plenty more too, so eat well." Liang couldn't help himself but to snuggle into Rocks warmth as he gorged himself on the delicious foods, eating until he feared another bite might make him vomit.

Nanbaka liang

Read Liang x Reader from the story Nanbaka Stories by fefeluvbot (A Sleep Deprived Gremlin) with 4,924 reads. random, anime, comedy. Just decided to do this A prisoner famous for his skill at making drugs and poisons. He resides in cell block five with Liang and Upa. He is rather lazy, and can usually be seen relaxing or sleeping in the background, to the point that Liang and Upa often call him "lazy trash". He was forced into working for the same people who had took Liang and Upa to save his own life. Liang (Nanbaka) Hakkai Inori; Does not follow the canon story; i love drama; There are dark themes to this series; But there's sweet fluff too; Most of the character High quality Nanbaka gifts and merchandise.

Nanbaka liang

Chimera. I stepped out the helicopter, looking at the massive building in front of me, i was a little woodland creature compared to it. I'm so sorry XD. Me and my friend kept trying to pronounce his name and ended up making this masterpiece! He's from the anime Nanbaka! You should watch it! A #nanbaka #nanbaka liang #liang #this poor baby I swear!! #is it that absolutely everyone has had a crappy life T-T #I now hereby proclaim my love for this cinnamon roll #I'm adopting him 270 notes suriizu The perfect Nanbaka Liang Upa Animated GIF for your conversation.
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Nanbaka liang

Upa (ウパ Upa), inmate number 58, is a supporting character of the Nanbaka web manga and anime. He is a former member of the Chinese Mafia1 and an inmate of Nanba Prison, where he is held in cell eight of building five.

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Miku OkumuraNanbaka「ナンバカ」 · Liang · Kawaii AnimeTecknad FigurOtakuKillar. Liang. Nanbaka · MangaJokerFiktiva FigurerMatlagning · 閼伽坏Аниме.

Story 6 weeks ago tøgamøney · Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Rock Uno Nico Upa Liang Qi Nanbaka Jyugo Hajime Sugoroku  Perso : Liang, Anime : Nanbaka. Âge : 19 Poids : 59 kg Taille : 170 cm Aime : les personnes fortes, le wonton et le ketchup See image of Blake Shepard, the English dub voice of Liang in Nanbaka (TV Show). Liang Plush from Nanbaka.